Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazy Pooches and Game Answers

I saw these crazy looking creatures in the park today. Were they a pigmy giraffe and zebra pair? NOSIREE! They were just dyed Chihuahuas! Crazy pants, but neato! Their mister was a man of few words, but did say he used a non-toxic hair dye special for the aminals! I don't know if I would be into being dyed. Luckily, those gels probably wouldn't work on my black fur, so I don't have to worry about Mom getting any funny ideas! Would you let your human dye you?

*  *  *

Thanks to those who played along with our game yesterday. I think it's officially a tie between The Furies of Whisppy and The Thuglets! Well done, guys! You get official bragging rights. Very official, right?! However, it was a very close call and all answers were great and we enjoyed reading them! 

Here are the answers:
  1. Kitty on the path (It's not real...hee hee...which is good, cuz all those other doggies might have chased it!)
  2. Lady with bag disappeared (and as The Thuglets pointed out, a post is missing, too! Don't worry, the lady wasn't hurt in the process.)
  3. My leash went bye-bye (if only!)
  4. I'm sticking my tongue out! (It's not my real tongue, just a drawring. I would never stick my tongue out at you, bloggy friends!)
  5. There is a bunny in the grass (Not real, again! Mom was having fun with photo editing.)
  6. THIS WAS A BONUS ONE: My collar is a different color (It's way subtle, so don't be sad if you didn't see it!)

Should we do that again sometime soon?

Hope you are having a great week so far!



  1. Darn I only got 3 right. OH Well... It was REALLY REALLY fun to play the game with you. I know you would never stick your tongue out at us.

  2. THAT is just crazy!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Our comment from yesterday seems to have disappeared!!!

    We'd never stand still for anyone to dye us!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. I can't believe what I saw! It's just crazy. Poor doggies!

  5. There really are now words...I've seen them do similar things to cats too...I (also) love them just the way they are! :-)

  6. More games, more games ! That was fun !