Friday, April 13, 2012

Thunder(shirt) and Lightening, Very Very Frightening

Sorry I've been missing in action the last few days. Mom and I have been housesitting for two very nice doggies, Max and Reilly, while their humans are away.
I was extra barky at the temporary house, and was driving mom (and unfortunately, probably the neighbors) batty. Mom did some sleuthing on the interwebs and found something called the Thundershirt:

It's made for anxious doggies, like me! "That lab looks pretty relaxed," mom thought. "Let's give it a try!"

Off to the local pet shop we went. Luckily, they had my size in stock!

It's a good thing we bought it when we did because last night there was a super duper huge storm with THUNDER AND LIGHTENING!

I had never heard or seen these things so clearly, as it is VERY rare for San Francisco to have these types of storms. I was so very nervous. I was quaking like a wimp. Mom slipped the shirt on me, and it felt like a big hug. It didn't stop my anxiety completely, but I think it helped. It also helped when I climbed into My-Ryan's lap for comfort and he held me. 

As for the "problem" barking...that's still a work in progress. :)



  1. Heeeeeey! Thanks furs dropping by to sees me! It's always nce to meet new furiends!
    My furiend Frankie has one of them thundershirts and he swears it works fur him.
    I aint skeered of thunder booms but I do likes to bark at da neighbors cuz it's fun and they is stoopid...hehehehe.


  2. Hey You have met PUDDLES... That is grrrreat. AND she is RIGHT I do have a Thunder Shirt.. I used it to learn not to be afraid to go bye bye in Jennifer Jeep. It REALLY helped with THAT. I no longer HIDE and shiver and shake and be all miserable when we go bye bye... IN FACT.. I am the FURST to get to the garage door now!!
    It Also helped me with not being so scared of storms.
    I am soooooo glad to hear it helped YOU. It will take several times of wearing it... BEFORE a Storm Starts and all through the storm.. fur it to work. OK?

  3. Glad it helped some!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Hello! I'm glad the shirt helped to take the edge off! I know how hard it can be for some pups to get through those storms, and I just hope they stay away so you don't have to practice! :-) Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. We've heard about Thunder shirts, but we're not bothered by storms.....although we DO crawl closer to HER.

    Hey, you've got to bark in new territory--otherwise no one will know you are there and on the job!

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. My Schultzy LOVES his Thundershirt! He uses it for his social anxieties and we always call it his hug when we are putting it on :)

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  8. I have a thundershirt too! Mommy says she noticed that if she puts the thundershirt on BEFORE the thunderstorm begins, I tend to be calmer. But if she puts it on AFTER the thunders come a-rumbling, it takes me a little longer to calm down. But it does help!


  9. Thanks for sharing your great story, we loved it:)