Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Do your humans change words to songs to sing to and/or about you? Or are my humans just extra weird? My mom has been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Here are some of her favorites to sing (oh my):

* Sung to Toni Basil's "Hey Mickey".

Oh Lulu, you're so fine
You're so fine. you blow my mind.
Hey Lulu! 
(clap clap, clap clap)
Hey Lulu!

* Sung to Madonna's "La Isla Bonita"

Lulu's nature, wild and free
This is where I long to be
La Isla La Lulu

(Shouldn't it be, La Lulu Bonita? I'll never understand Mom's cuckoo brain!) 

* Sung to no tune I've ever heard:

Who's the Lu-i-est Lulu in Lululand?
It's Lulu!
It's Lulu!

Are you scared yet?!?

* My-Ryan's changed the words of Frank Sinatra's "It had to be you" to "It's hard to be Lu!" He has many variations of this such as:

It's hard to be Lu.
It's hard to be Lu.
Mom's out enjoying a beer.
And I'm alone here.
It's hard to be Lu.

(I think he might be implying that I'm a spoiled dog...just as I should be!)

* And today on our walk Mom started singing:

You're a grand ole Lu
You're a high standing Lu
And forever in peace may you...sway?
You're the emblem of 
The dog I love....

Oh boy, she's lost it! Do your humans do such crazy singing?

This is me trying to pretend that's not my embarrassing human on the end of my leash.
The Grand Ole Lu

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Training and Rebellion

Hi Bloggie Friends!

I have been hard at work training for the Blogville Olympics. Who said us gals can't compete in the gymnastic rings?! [Beyonce sings: All the doggie ladies, all the doggie ladies...put your hands up!]

After hitting the gym, Mom, My-Ryan, my friend Roxi, and I went to the field to get some cardio in and we found this sign:

But what about Dog Athletes?!

Well, we decided to be rebels and go on the field anyway! Roxi and I ran wild laps, REBELLIOUS laps. It felt so good to be so bad. (Mom noticed it was the most I've run since my accident months ago! WOOHOO!) 
After running our sprints, I decided to get my vitamins and eat some grass (My public service!):

And Roxi was working on her rolling techniques, while My-Ryan supervised.

I felt a little guilty that the other doggies were in the fenced-in gravel pit next door. But then again, the grass felt soooo good. (We were good doggie rebels, though, and didn't poop on or tear up the grass!)

Ahhh, felt good to play! Hope you had fun today, too!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Blogville Olympics are coming!!

The Blogville Summer Olympics are coming in July!

Olympics for us bloggy animals and our friends?!  YES! Get ready!! Different blogs will be hosting a slew of different events. You can enter as many as you'd like!

Simply read the events below, and start digging up old photos or having your human make or snap new fun creative photos for any or each event! Use your imagination! Also feel free to take this badge for your blog as inspiration and to announce that you are an OLYMPIAN-IN-TRAINING!

Lulu, Olympian in Training

We will accept submissions from all participants starting on July 9th & will not accept any submissions after midnight on July 18th. Here’s an excerpt from the official Olympic Committee statement:
THE OLYMPIC Committee MUST INSIST that All ATHLETES be ENTERED by Midnight July 18th. Complain to FRANKIE if you don’t like the deadline.

This information will be announced as the submission time draws closer.

All species (except humans!!!) are eligible! That means all you doggies, kitties, ferrets, donkeys, birds, hamsters, turtles, sheepies, horsies, etc are all invited to participate!

Great question! I am hosting The Snack Sack Race. Athletes will send pics of themselves pulling, dragging, tearing into, shredding, or running in or with a sack of ANY type, but would be BEST if they were actually shown with some sort of TREAT sack. As the host of this event, we encourage you to be as silly as possible since my human and I love to laugh at silly antics.  :) But serious entries are also welcome! Just have fun with it!

Below is the official list of all the Olympic events along with the host of each event. Follow these awesome bloggy friends now and stay up to date on all the event information.

Frankie Furter – Olympic Committee Chairman/ Official Complaint Taker (No complaints are really needed, are they?!)

Posie - Parade of Athletes
Roo - OPENING Extravaganza
Jazzi - Window Nose Art
Sarge - Swimming
Oskar - Crazy Sleeping Singles & Synchronized Sleepers
Bertie - Bouncing
Dachsies with Moxie - Cross Neighborhood Walkabout & Catch me if you Can
Benny and Lily – Beach Ball
Madi - Gymnastics
Lily Belle and Muffin - Couch Potato Peeling
Mona and Weenie – Tongue Curling/Raspberry & Critter Stalking
Pip - Discus / Frisbee
Goose - Stick(s)
Bert - Pole Jumping
Murphy and Stanley - Marathon Chewing
Puddles - Digging
Declan - Tuneful Farting
Casey - Keep Away
Rubie and Poots - Equestrian
Mayzie - Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do
Shasta and Shiloh – Synchronized Peeing
Ruthie – DE-Stuffing
Susie and Sidebite – Free Style Zoomies
Ruby and Penny - Roaching and Rolling
Bailey and Katy – Squirrel Hurdles
Indigo – DRAW your Peeple
Lulu - Snack Sack Race
Sasha - Boxing
Frank the Tank – EXTREME Weather Sports
Max – Turbo Track
Luna and Cynder - Snoopendous SniffAthon
Mollie Jo – The Great Tennis Ball Tournament
Uji and Izzy - Bathtub Wrestling
Corey – Balance Beam

Super excited for this! WOOT WOOT!!


Lu (Olympian in Training)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun times with Bozi

Hi Folks! Hope you all had a fabulous day! 
We sure did. Here are some highlights with my visitor, Bozi:

Rolling in the grass feels good!

Afternoon stogie in the park!

Bozi had a blast playing with Woody. I barked at them.

Happy camper Fun Police Lulu
Bozi lurvs Mr. Hippo!
I actually let Bozi spoon me last night! Shhh, don't tell Fenris!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bozi Bozi Bop

We finally let my mom get a pic of us together!

Lu (and visitor, Bozi)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Long time, no blog...

Hi folks! 
Sorry I've been gone so long. Mom and I have been very busy and when we've had down time, Mom's been watching much internet TV and not letting me get on the computer. You can blame her for my absence. She realized she was being a lame-o, and let me take over computer time again! Woohoo!

So, what have I been up to, you ask? 

First Mom and I stayed with Max and Riley, while their parents went to New Orleans.

Then Mom and I kept my friends, Ben and Winnie, company while their dads went away to New Orleans. I guess this New Orleans place is pretty popular.

Then Mama left me with Gracie and her dads while she went to the Sierra Foothills for a mini getaway. We cuddled and went to the beach! I love them so much!

When she returned she brought over a new friend, Bozi, to stay with us for ten whole days, while his dad is in Iceland. Isn't he handsome?! We've been to the Secret Garden both days he's been here so far.

We ate grass together...

... and sniffed each other's butts :) We look like ying and yang!

Then my Ryan threw the ball for Bozi and he did that fetch thing!

I like him, so I let Bozi cuddle up with Mr. Hippo this evening. 

Whew...lots of activity! I guess I can understand why Mom needed TV downtime. :)

We're glad to be back in blogland!