Friday, March 30, 2012

Farewell Fenris...

Hi Blogland,
I know that lots of you got very attached to Fenris over the last week. We did, too. How could you not?! For example, this is how I found Fenris this morning...FAST ASLEEP!!! Heehee!

However, his humans are due back this evening and he will no longer be staying at Chez Lulu. Mom informed me of this this morning, and I didn't take the news very well. Fen and I had a big's how it went*:

The discussion continued...

And here's how it ended:

What do you think was said?!?

I'll miss you Fenny, but luckily my mom and I are housesitting different doggies next week that happen to live in YOUR building! Woohoo, the party will continue!

* Mom doesn't normally let the barking go on for so long, but she decided to let us hash it out completely, just this once!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Puppy Party!

Baby, Fen and I went to play at the Secret Garden today! What a blast!

I ran a few laps with the pups, but I was sooo fast no images were captured! ;) 

Then we took Baby back home. It was sad to see her go...
Until next time.
Lu (& Fen)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Funny Fenris Fur

"Can I come in and eat the kitty food again?"
Fenris has such thick fur, and when he got wet (it's been raining) it got so cute 'n kinky around his ears!

Mom told me that in the 80's there was a hair fad called CRIMPING and you had to use a special hot tool to make your hair do exactly what Fenris Fur does naturally!


We are finding this extra amusing because since Fen got here, he's been collecting hairbrushes from around the are a couple he found just today:

Fenris, we don't think you need any special tools to make you look marvelous! And we are digging your retro 80's do!

"Aw, I'm retro...who knew?!"

Lu (& Fen)

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Verdict Is In

The verdict is in and I've been taken off of mom's poopoo list! Wahoooo! Mom (the jury) listened to my plea (and yours, bloglanders...thanks for the backup!) and says that having taken the circumstances into consideration, and my unselfish (hee hee, fooled her!) motives, I am off the list. I am still on probation, though, so I decided to just relax and enjoy my houseguest and stop being so jealous.

Mom, My-Ryan, Fenris and I went up to the secret garden this evening. Well, mom actually hobbled, while the rest of us walked. Fenris and I played zoomies and chase together. It was fun. 

ZOOM...can you keep up, Fen?
Handsome Fenris
My-Ryan's Phodography 
My-Ryan's Phodography
My-Ryan's Phodography
I think I may have overdone the zoomies, because now I'm limping a bit again. Whoops. But it felt good to stretch my legs at the time!

Lu (and Fenris)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pleading My Case

Yesterday I told you that I was on my mom's Sh*t List for not being nice to her back or our houseguest. Well, today I plead my case to get off of said list.

Here are the bullet points for those of you who don't speak Luluese:


The jury is out. Wish me luck.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sh*t List

Apparently, I made mom's poopoo list. Why, you ask? How could I ever be on a poopoo list? Well, I guess I haven't been on my best behavior with our house guest/mom's owwie back. I've been pulling, barking, stealing toys, and generally trying to block Fenris from human attention.

What's so wrong with that?
*  *  *

Apparently, Fenris is an angel and the perfect houseguest: kind, affectionate, quiet, well-behaved and doesn't chase the cat. Mom says, "he's adorable." Whatevs.
Photo taken by MY-Ryan

Way to suck up, Mr. Fenris, way to suck up. Guess maybe I should try to be better...maybe...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Mom was cleaning to prepare for the arrival of our week-long, overnight doggy guest, Fenris.

Photo taken by Fenris' human

She just bent down and then yelped and had a hard time getting back up. She then crumpled on the bed. She keeps yelping, so I guess her back is giving her much pain. I gave her lots of kisses, which only seemed to help a little bit. Humph. Maybe I have some of my woozy pills left?!

Hope she is up and about again soon, otherwise, me and the guest pooch are...well, there really is no option, so she better get better stat. C'mon, stupid back pain, go away, so Fenris and I can go on fun outings while he stays with us!


Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Festivities and Random Fashion Show

Hey Blogland,

I had a super fun Saint Patrick's Day celebration. My-Ryan's roommates made a feast and invited us and some other friends over. This is what the humans ate (Mom gave me some carrots! YUM!):
Corned Beef, Purple Cabbage, and Root Veggies
Then I helped David clean up the cooking stuffs and he dressed me up! I made sure to clean any crumbs off of David's face!

I then I made sure that James' face was clean. Look, he dressed up, too!

Hey, My-Ryan...whatcha drinkin? Can I have some??

Outfit Change! I think this one was my fave!

I like playing model!

How was your holiday?

Friday, March 16, 2012


It's been raining for FIVE DAYS...that's like a MONTH in dog years! Mom said I shouldn't complain too much because it's been a relatively dry winter. How would I know? I spent most of January/February home with a bum leg, and now that I'm ready to play it's all stormy and stuff. I am just not a fan of the rain; it's wet, and makes my paws muddy and I get cold, even in clothes. I put my brakes on when Mom tries to take me out...I'd rather hold my pee for extra hours than go outside. I am currently hiding under the covers next to Mom.

*  *  *

My mom has been helping a friend by walking a dog named, Lola. She's a pretty Weimaraner who is smart like me and doesn't like the rain, either! Meet Lola:
That's my kinda girl! Stay cozy, Lola, cuz they say it's not getting better for a few days!



AM Showers

PM Showers/Wi- nd

Few Showers

Extended Forecast
High: 58°
Low: 49°
High: 53°
Low: 44°
High: 53°
Low: 44°
High: 54°
Low: 50°
High: 57°
Low: 53°

I hope it clears up sooner than that so I CAN PLAY! 

Hope you are staying warm and cozy wherever you are!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Booze Hound

Last week, before the rains, Mom, My-Ryan and I went to hang out at Dolores Park with some of our human friends. My-Ryan let me have some of his beer. I love beer, even though sometimes it's bitter and tickles my nose.

Whoa, it's getting crazy in my brain.*

I may need to lay down.

Cheers M'Dears,
*No Lulu's were actually intoxicated during this photo shoot*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainy Blah Blah Day

It's rainy and I don't feel like doing anything. Not peeing. Not walking. Not blogging. So there. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel less blah.

photo credit: unkie ritik
Actually, I think I'm mostly sad because our human friend, Kathryn, is moving to NYC tomorrow. I know mom will miss her tons. Maybe that's why the sky is crying?

Until tomorrow, XO,

Monday, March 12, 2012

How to update a couch

I decided the couch needed some improvement. It's old, kinda scratchy, and well, just not very pretty. Mom hasn't wanted to deal with it, so it was up to me to help her see that the interior decor needed updating. I got Zsa Zsa the cat in on the plan. She took care of the arms and I took care of the body of the couch. Nice handy work, right? Mom was none too pleased.

But my plan worked. After some duct tape and a shopping trip, look at the "new" and improved couch. I was hoping for a completely new one, but this slip cover will do just fine for now. It's soft and clean and well, looks MUCH better! 

If I could pat myself on the back, I would.


Sunday, March 11, 2012


sleepy after last night's excitement
At 3:30am this morning, mom and I woke up to the sound of fire engines. Living around the corner from a fire house, this is not uncommon. This time, however, we smelled something called it "smoke." Mom and I poked our heads around the curtains to see what was happening. I could tell mom did NOT like what she saw, because she starting moving fast, throwing things into a bag. Time to start barking, I thought. When I did, I didn't get yelled out, so I kept at it!

Mom and I woke up our roommate and the cat, and then Mom and I went downstairs to assess the situation. Turns out a storefront two doors down was ON FIRE! There was tons of black thick smoke pouring out of their front window. They were putting a ladder up on the roof above MY bedroom. The scary thing about fires in San Francisco is that they can hop buildings really quickly. Mom and I ran back upstairs to check that our roommate/cat were moving. The hallway was getting more smokey. Happily we found that Zsa Zsa the cat was in her carrier and our roommate was ready to roll, minus shoes. I don't wear shoes so I thought that this wasn't a big deal, but Mom grabbed our roommate a pair. Then Mom banged on the neighbor's door, and I started to bark. Again, I wasn't yelled at, so I kept at it! I was HELPING! I guess the neighbor was out, because there was no answer. 

Outside we met up with some of our other neighbor friends, including our downstairs neighbor, whom we love. It was kind of exciting and fun to be outside in the middle of the night. But Mom was still nervous, so I stayed right by her side and didn't bark or pull or anything. I was HELPING!

The fireman said the fire was mainly in the basement of the building, and that most likely our building would be ok. We also found out that there were no people or pets living in the building that was on fire, so that was a big relief. We watched the brave firefighters break out the window, and spray water inside. There were chainsaws and ladders and hoses, oh my! They were scurrying around really fast, but with concentration and organization.

The smoke was starting to turn more white, and Mom and I decided to go stay at My-Ryan's house, so we didn't have to smell the smoke. It tickled Mom's lungs in a funny way, but I was ok! Our roommate and Zsa Zsa the cat decided to just stay at home, since it seemed they were out of harms way.

All in all, it turned out OK. The storefront is salvageable, no one was hurt, the fire didn't jump buildings, I got to see some of my favorite humans in the middle of the night AND My-Ryan let me sleep in his bed, which was an extra special treat! And Momma told me I was such a good girl!

Mom gave the owner of the storefront a hug this morning. He was bummed out, as we are too, but we all agreed that it could have been much worse. PHEW!

Hope you all are having a safe and happy Sunday!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet Zeke, The English Mastiff

Hey everyone,
I want to introduce you to Zeke.  He's a three year old English Mastiff.  I've known him since he was a puppy, but now he's HUGE.  Like GARGANTUAN! I think he weighs something like ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY POUNDSISH.

Mom and I stay with Zeke when his humans are away. I consider Z part of my pack, for sure, even though we kind of have a love/love/irritate thing going on. Zeke loves me. I love him, too, but sometimes he irritates the heck out of me like a little brother does. Sometimes he drools on me (and makes me back him up in fights -- that story is for another day!) and I do NOT like the drool. And I don't care if that makes me sound like a priss!

Check out this proof of my torture by the (lovable) drool monster! 

See the full version, WITH FUN MUSIC, here:
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(Love ya, Z!)