Wednesday, August 8, 2012


WOOOOHOOOOOO, our event has started! Welcome to the snack sack race, everybody! Thanks to all the pawticipants! You guys are all gold medal winners in my book! Now on with the show...

Let the game begin!

Our first athlete is Finn from  Her sack of treats is some pill pockets!  She was a sickie when her human took this pic. WOW, way to go, Finn. You have a true Olympian spirit to pawticipate when you were under the weather! :)

Our second entry comes from Tucker. This is what he has to say about his snack: 
Hello, My name is Tucker, this is my blog  and I loves cheese.  My Grammy & Grampy brought me this from Vermont.

(mmmm...cheese! I like that, too, Tucker! You're very lucky! P.S. I like your style!)

Our next pawesome athelete is Downunder Daisy. She is IN her snack sack ready to race. You go, girl. Hope you got to eat all those yummy snacks first ;)


And here's Corbin's photo of him stealin' his bag of treats!  I have an e-crush on Corbin...I think he's so handsome. Don't worry, though, I'm not playing favorites!! Good work, Corbin!

And next is Sarge. Looks like he's off and running with those treats. I love it!!
He has this to say about the event:
Wow, your event has been so much fun to train for!  I've gotten away with tons of treats.  Here is my pix and thanks so much for hosting this fur us!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Athlete

Next up is Roo. Looks like he's worked so hard that he may have fallen asleep. Naw, I bet that's just sheer concentration. Way to go, Roo. We're waggin at YOU! :)

And here is our first feline entry, Madi. She says this:
Being a kitty aka Diva I rarely race for anything...however, when I smell something delish in a snack sack such as Ruffles, I will cozy up to the Dad in hopes that he will leave me some crumbs.

I hear Ruffles have it true? I hope you got lots of crumbs, Madi!

Comin' up next is brinksey winksey puddie pie from the houston pittie pack
What a ridiculously cute and talented pawthlete! He can compete with his eyes closed! :)

Our next entry is from Nora B. Webster. Here is her behind the scenes commentary:

Wowzers, Nora. Amazing score!

Here is Chloe from Purrchance To Dream 
Purrhaps she got to have lots of snackies when this excellent photoshoot was over? Here's hoping, Chloe!

Meet our next entrant, Jazzi. After the package was opened, Jazzi was racing to get the first treat out!! Good work, Jazzi!

Here's an entry from  
Marley. He says:
I am an expert at opening any sack, but I am not a professional. I have never been paid for my talents. Just so ya know. I live in India, so it is a big deal to get my favorite treats sent from the USA. Hey I write songs. I wrote one for the Olympics so check out my blog. My Lady writes some crazy ones about me, too, so I know how you feel. She wrote "CLeaning on the Never Lasting Floors" about me (to the tune of Leaning on the Everlasting Arms). I destuff a lot.

AND THIS CONCLUDES THE SNACK SACK RACE...this was sooooo much fun. Thank you again, fabulous pawthletes!

Much love,