Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sh*t List

Apparently, I made mom's poopoo list. Why, you ask? How could I ever be on a poopoo list? Well, I guess I haven't been on my best behavior with our house guest/mom's owwie back. I've been pulling, barking, stealing toys, and generally trying to block Fenris from human attention.

What's so wrong with that?
*  *  *

Apparently, Fenris is an angel and the perfect houseguest: kind, affectionate, quiet, well-behaved and doesn't chase the cat. Mom says, "he's adorable." Whatevs.
Photo taken by MY-Ryan

Way to suck up, Mr. Fenris, way to suck up. Guess maybe I should try to be better...maybe...


  1. nah, being an angel is overrated :)

  2. Well when you have company... you have to explain the Rules of the House. RIGHT?
    So I think you are doing the RIGHT thingy and that a Certain Sniff Up will just have to learn to Live by the Rules. That is how I do thingys in MY house, anyway. MY WAY.. or the HIGHWAY. I'm just sayin.