Monday, March 5, 2012


Normally I sleep through these things humans call earthquakes, but NOT THIS MORNING.  At 5:30ish am Mom, Zeke and I were shaken awake! The three of us were looking around at each other and the world was MOVING.  I didn't like it at all and tucked my tail between my legs to feel a bit secure.  Mom calmed me down even though I could tell she was a bit spooked by it, as well.

I asked my friend Google how big it was and this is what I learned at the USGS site:

I guess it was only a 4.0 in magnitude, whatever that means.  The humans say "that's not that big." I say if it woke me out of a deep sleep that's plenty big for me.  There have been a bunch of little ones since, but I haven't felt those. Luckily, we are all ok!



  1. Hi Lu
    Never felt it in the South Bay. Sorry it scared you.
    Love Noodles

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  2. It sounds scary! I am glad you are all OK.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. A pretty long time ago, I lived across the bay from SF right on top of the Hayward Fault. It looks like the that's where this earthquake was. I'm glad that you are okay! That fault once "gave" while we lived on top of it, and it was SO loud. I never expected the noise.

    Take care!