Friday, March 16, 2012


It's been raining for FIVE DAYS...that's like a MONTH in dog years! Mom said I shouldn't complain too much because it's been a relatively dry winter. How would I know? I spent most of January/February home with a bum leg, and now that I'm ready to play it's all stormy and stuff. I am just not a fan of the rain; it's wet, and makes my paws muddy and I get cold, even in clothes. I put my brakes on when Mom tries to take me out...I'd rather hold my pee for extra hours than go outside. I am currently hiding under the covers next to Mom.

*  *  *

My mom has been helping a friend by walking a dog named, Lola. She's a pretty Weimaraner who is smart like me and doesn't like the rain, either! Meet Lola:
That's my kinda girl! Stay cozy, Lola, cuz they say it's not getting better for a few days!



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I hope it clears up sooner than that so I CAN PLAY! 

Hope you are staying warm and cozy wherever you are!



  1. Hi Lulu, thanks for stopping by our blog. We have a rainy week ahead of us too. Phantom isn't crazy about going out in the rain, but the rest of us love it, especially if there is mud. Mom says we won't be getting much outside time next week, she doesn't like that many muddy paws inside.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day from all of us!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning of the O'OP Pack

  2. Hi Lulu, that Lola sure do look unhappy about the rain. Me, I love the rain. I don't care how it comes down, light rain, heavy rain, snow....whatever as long as it eventually turns into a big lake for me to swim in.

    Hope you had a nice St. Patricks Day


  3. I'm with Lola...I can't stand the rain :)
    I'm a dachshund and I suffer from what is known as 'Wet Belly Syndrome': if my belly gets wet, I refuse to keep walking :)