Thursday, March 22, 2012


Mom was cleaning to prepare for the arrival of our week-long, overnight doggy guest, Fenris.

Photo taken by Fenris' human

She just bent down and then yelped and had a hard time getting back up. She then crumpled on the bed. She keeps yelping, so I guess her back is giving her much pain. I gave her lots of kisses, which only seemed to help a little bit. Humph. Maybe I have some of my woozy pills left?!

Hope she is up and about again soon, otherwise, me and the guest pooch are...well, there really is no option, so she better get better stat. C'mon, stupid back pain, go away, so Fenris and I can go on fun outings while he stays with us!



  1. Lulu, we missed you and your posts...hope your mama is better soon. Maybe you and Fenris can keep perfectly still. All week long.

  2. Lulu, it is your job to be a Very Good Dog and take care of your mom while she is in pain. I know you will do a great job. Remember, you might have to lock her up in jail to protect her, just like she did for you when your leg was hurt! Love, your aunt Julia

    1. oooh, good idea, auntie julia! mom in crate! mom in crate! hahahahahaha

  3. Uh oh is right! Take good care of your mom. That back pain is rough stuff!