Sunday, March 11, 2012


sleepy after last night's excitement
At 3:30am this morning, mom and I woke up to the sound of fire engines. Living around the corner from a fire house, this is not uncommon. This time, however, we smelled something called it "smoke." Mom and I poked our heads around the curtains to see what was happening. I could tell mom did NOT like what she saw, because she starting moving fast, throwing things into a bag. Time to start barking, I thought. When I did, I didn't get yelled out, so I kept at it!

Mom and I woke up our roommate and the cat, and then Mom and I went downstairs to assess the situation. Turns out a storefront two doors down was ON FIRE! There was tons of black thick smoke pouring out of their front window. They were putting a ladder up on the roof above MY bedroom. The scary thing about fires in San Francisco is that they can hop buildings really quickly. Mom and I ran back upstairs to check that our roommate/cat were moving. The hallway was getting more smokey. Happily we found that Zsa Zsa the cat was in her carrier and our roommate was ready to roll, minus shoes. I don't wear shoes so I thought that this wasn't a big deal, but Mom grabbed our roommate a pair. Then Mom banged on the neighbor's door, and I started to bark. Again, I wasn't yelled at, so I kept at it! I was HELPING! I guess the neighbor was out, because there was no answer. 

Outside we met up with some of our other neighbor friends, including our downstairs neighbor, whom we love. It was kind of exciting and fun to be outside in the middle of the night. But Mom was still nervous, so I stayed right by her side and didn't bark or pull or anything. I was HELPING!

The fireman said the fire was mainly in the basement of the building, and that most likely our building would be ok. We also found out that there were no people or pets living in the building that was on fire, so that was a big relief. We watched the brave firefighters break out the window, and spray water inside. There were chainsaws and ladders and hoses, oh my! They were scurrying around really fast, but with concentration and organization.

The smoke was starting to turn more white, and Mom and I decided to go stay at My-Ryan's house, so we didn't have to smell the smoke. It tickled Mom's lungs in a funny way, but I was ok! Our roommate and Zsa Zsa the cat decided to just stay at home, since it seemed they were out of harms way.

All in all, it turned out OK. The storefront is salvageable, no one was hurt, the fire didn't jump buildings, I got to see some of my favorite humans in the middle of the night AND My-Ryan let me sleep in his bed, which was an extra special treat! And Momma told me I was such a good girl!

Mom gave the owner of the storefront a hug this morning. He was bummed out, as we are too, but we all agreed that it could have been much worse. PHEW!

Hope you all are having a safe and happy Sunday!



  1. That sounds like a very exciting night. Glad to hear that everyone was safe. I hope you get some sleep tonight.


  2. Wow Lu,
    That was quite an adventure - a SCARY adventure. I smelled smoke when I went camping a couple of years ago. I did not like it either.
    I am glad you and you human are safe - and that no one was hurt by the fire.
    Love Noodles