Friday, February 17, 2012

Damn Trivia Night

Mom went out with some of her human friends for trivia night. While she and the other humans, including my Unkie Ritik and My-Ryan, were testing their trivial knowledge I was at home pondering life's deeper questions:

  • what did the vet lady say about my prognosis?
  • why isn't there a second dinner being served?
  • why haven't I gotten to post to my blog on Thursday, instead of in the wee hours of Friday?
  • how much longer until I get to eat again?
  • can I chase the cat now? NOW?
Mom says I have to get off the computer now (waste of a blog post if you ask me), and that we can explore these and and any other ponderings tomorrow.  

Til then, my friends!

Can't wait to get back to the Annette Funicello.


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