Friday, February 3, 2012

No New News & Meet Dorrie

Unfortunately, I don't have any good news to report on my leg.  It still feels icky and I don't want to put any weight on it.  Mom keeps giving me the woozy pills; they take the sting out.  Keep thinking good thoughts for me and my leg, if you don't mind!  I didn't include any pics of me today, because it's not very exciting to see me stoned in my crate. 

Instead of pics of me, I figured I'd introduce you to my friend.  Meet Dorrie.  She's my really good pal! (She tweets...check out her feed).  Every Friday mom and I take a walk with Dorrie.  Of course, since I'm on house arrest in the canine prison I couldn't join today.  [insert pouty face] Look how pretty it was out today...(sigh). 

 At least Dorrie and my mom got to enjoy a nice outing.

  Dorrie's so funny...she gets so tired on our walks that sometimes she has to take a little break.  Everyone on the street thinks it's hilarious.  

Other Dorrie Fun Facts
  • She's super fun to play chase and wrastle with;
  • She is totally into looking for gophers and sniffing things;
  • She is super friendly with the humans;
  • Sometimes when we are on leash, we bark and lunge at dogs together.  Mom gets a bit mad at us when we do this.  Rightfully so, I guess.
  • Sometimes we just sniff other dogs nicely.  Mom gets really excited and gives us lots of pets and love when we do this.
  • Dorrie outweighs me by about 7 pounds (I'm about 48lbs and she's about 55lb), but I'm definitely the alpha.  Heck yeah.
  • She's one of the happiest friends I have and usually has a big smile on her face.
  • MOM AND I SUPER DUPER LOVE HER! (Isn't she sooooo cute!  But not cuter than ME, right?!?  Ok, Ok, it can be a tie!)


  1. Thanks for making Dorrie a star, Lu! The photos are super cute! Dorrie and her moms are wishing you a very speedy recovery. We're so sorry you're hurting, and Dorrie missed you on Friday!

  2. She sure is super duper cute : )
    Want to see both of you in a same picture next time.... well, once you leg gets fixed of course.

    Pug licks

  3. Hi Dorrie's Moms! Thanks for writing on my blog. I appreciate your well wishes, and hope to be out with Dorrie again soon! Kisses, Lu

  4. Sammy and Neko--you guys rule. Thanks for the licks. Right back atcha!