Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off with a bang...

Well, I was going to start this blog by telling you all about ME, but my life's story is going to have to wait, because I had a crazy day today.  The first part of the day was super fun.  My mom (she's human, for the record) and I got taken on an adventure with Dutch, the Dalmatian, and Puglet, the Pug, and their human, up to Buena Vista mountain.  I have been friends with Dutch and his human mom since I was a puppy.  We didn't get to hang out for a while, but our humans reconnected and I'm so very happy about that, especially because I have always had a crush on Dutch (and his new little brother, Puglet, seems like he could be a cool friend). As we all walked, the humans talked their talk, and the boys and I trotted and sprinted and frolicked and sniffed and ate some grass.  Here's a pic my mom took with her crappy camera phone.  And it's just of our butts eating grass, but I figured you might like to see it anyway.

After we were "Moo Dogs" as my mom always says, we ran some more in the woods. Puglet was super fun to chase through the trees.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE RUNNING IN THE WOODS? Probably not, since this blog is new, but it's true.  I was having so much fun bounding down a mountain side, when I came upon this stone fence.  Without hesitation, I leapt straight into the air and for a few seconds I was flying and it was amazing...I felt like Evel Knievel.  It was all good until I landed on the the cement pathway with a thud.  Next thing I knew my leg hurt sooooo badly.  Owwie.  I didn't cry at all, though.  I had to be tough in front of the boys and my human friend.  I'd wait until we were alone to tell my mom how much it ached.

We all went over to my vet, Irving Street Pet Hospital, and the nice ladies took me into the back.  I admit I was a little scared and tried to run back to my mom, but I also know these folks are always really nice to me in the back room and give me lots of treats.  They touched my leg, which they realized hurt, so they gave me a shot of something and I felt all woozy and less owwie.  They played around with my leg some more and then they put me in a machine that takes pictures of your insides.  Apparently, mine looked ok, but I heard them use the word, "inconclusive".

My mom told me that they are sending the pictures of my insides to another nice doctor and for the time being I will have to be in my crate with more woozy pills.  I'm not happy about it.  I can't put my foot down and it is still super owwie.  I hope I feel better in the morning and that the other nice doctor says everything is ok.  Wow, what a day.  At least my humans have been carrying me up and down the stairs and I got some yummy human food for dinner.  I'm trying not to cry too much, but I hate sleeping alone.  And I'm not exactly sure how to poop on one leg (perhaps I should have kept that to myself?).

I will update you tomorrow.

Oh, one more thing, Dutch and Puglet, were apparently having a photo shoot while I was getting drugged and prodded.  They do look handsome, though, don't ya think?  I can't wait to heal so we can run together again soon!

By the way, check out Puglet's awesome blog, The Daily Puglet!! Dutchy is on it, too!

Goodnight, and think good thoughts for my leg.


P.S. Many many thanks to Amanda, Dutch, and Puglet for bringing me to the doctor and for staying and keeping my mom company! xoxoxoxo


  1. Lulu,
    I saw you on the Daily Puglet today. I sure hope you start to feel better. Good thing you have that hippo to sleep with if you can't sleep with your humom. Sad. Get better soon.
    Phoebe in Gladstone, OR

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Phoebe. Hippo is doing a good job keeping me cozy since I can't jump on my mom's bed!