Friday, February 10, 2012

Missed Opportunities

The nice vet lady said I had to stay drugged and caged for another week.  I'm starting to get a little irritated about the whole thing.  I'm especially ticked that I missed two more fun outings!

Corono Heights Park
The first outing I missed took place last night.  Yes, NIGHT.  How fun would that have been?! My-Ryan and my Unkie Ritik hiked up to Corona Heights.  This is one of my favorite walks and missing it with two of my favorite guys really stinks.
Lu looks over San Francisco 

Mom took me on that trail a few days before my accident...isn't it pretty up there? Don't I look goooood against the backdrop of San Francisco? :)

The park is really neat...on one side they have a fenced in dog run, then you can walk up to the top of the beautiful reddish rock formations and then on the other side there is a little grass area that my mom and our friend, Hollis, named "The Secret Garden"where dogs run around.  I love it up there, and mom likes it because it's not too busy...oops, I hope my blogging about it doesn't ruin its' secretness.

The second outing I missed was the Friday walk with Dorrie.  You remember Dorrie, right?  Well, she and mom walked through Hayes Valley and Dorrie got to be a super model again today, lucky bitch. I'm glad they had fun, even though it was without me.  Here are some of my favorite pics:
 (Mom was really into finding colorful backgrounds for her! She looks purty!)
teal wall
blue and black wall
green bench
Then she got tired of posing: 
(yawn...can we get back to walking already?!)

And then they visited our friend, Allie, at the place (Lotus Bleu Design) where she does that thing called "work".  I still can't quite get a handle on this going to "work" business, but apparently Allie makes the insides of places look reaaaally pretty!

Getting pets from Allie at Lotus Bleu
Man, I hope I'm all fixed up soon, so I don't miss too many more adventures.  Time to rest up for the night.


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  1. Hi Lulu! My Mommys and ME had the GOLDEN opportunity to meet yesterday. she is sooooooo nice. Wish I could have met you too. I hope your recovery goes quickly.
    Love Noodles