Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday's Shoot and Leg Update

Hello, out there.  What do you do when your person comes back smelling like a bunch of other dogs? Since my mom hangs out with lots of dogs, I tend not to pay too much attention.  BUT, when she came home the other day, she smelled like a million PUGS! I imagined her in a room full of pugs, picking out her next poochie.  I sniffed and I sniffed her, accusingly.  She told me she loved me, and to not worry about being left for any other dog.  PHEW!! Apparently she was only helping Puglet's mom with her 1000 Pug Project (Puglet's mom is going to take pictures of ONE THOUSAND PUGS in one year!).  Mom was a "pug greeter," and she got some good tips for taking pics of ME once I'm allowed out in the world again.  I can't wait!

Guess where the photoshoot was?!? RIGHT WHERE MY ACCIDENT HAPPENED! Luckily no pug was hurt during the taking of pictures.  PHEW, again.

Puglet's mom taking photos of a cutie pug named Lola

*   *   *

Life here has been pretty lame-o (pun intended).  I am swapping between hopping on one back leg and gingerly walking on all four.  More and more walking each day! I am definitely feeling more feisty and spent the evening chasing the cat that lives with us (I'll tell you more about her soon, too...still so much to tell you about!).  Mom keeps giving me the woozy pills.  They make my eyeballs feel funny, but make being in doggy jail more bearable.  I looked in the pill bottle and there are only a few left.  I wonder what the vet lady will say when mom calls her later in the week.

The vet lady told my mom that I'm not supposed to be jumping on the bed, but my mom has been letting me sleep on the bed anyway.  (Thanks for breaking the rules, momma!)  She gets upset when I jump up and down to chase the cat.  It's not my fault the cat keeps taunting me!

Anyhoo, since I don't  have any new pics to show you, I thought I'd share an older one of me in greenery, like Lola...except I don't have a fancy chair:


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