Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, Baby!

Unfortunately, I'm still in prison.  Hopefully, paws crossed, that will change after mom talks to the nice vet lady tomorrow.  I am walking 98% of the time.  That's the official percentage.  Fancy, right?!  Ok, it's not really official and more of a guesstimate, but regardless, it's a lot of walking compared to last week!

While I was resting up, Mom took one of my buddies, Baby, out for a game of fetch.  Baby is awesome.  She's a fun, spunky, silly and affectionate 16 month old Pittie. Mom and I love her. Baby loves us, too, and she also loves Ball. That's a whole lotta love! She carries Ball with her 75% of the time while at the park. Again, that's the official percentage! Ok, fine, it's also a guesstimate. She only drops Ball when she wants you to throw it for her. Then she speedily runs, grabs it back up, and actually brings it back! I guess this is called "Fetch" and baby is GREAT at it.  Maybe I should try to pick up a pointer or two.  

Ain't Baby a looker?!
While mom was in the park she met another silly gal named Cowgirl.  Cowgirl is a 9 or 10 year old Bulldog of some variety.  She is a sunbathing cutie and also a human know, the ones that cozy up and lean in for scritches.  Mom loves her a leaner. 
Well, think good thoughts for the phone check in with my doctor!! I'm 100% ready to be FREE and that's NO guesstimate!

Time to cuddle up with mom and go to zzzzzzzzzzz...


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