Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Before I tell you about my fun afternoon, I'll give you the update on the PHOTOS BEING HELD HOSTAGE! Mom freed the detainees all by herself.  Perhaps she isn't such a technological dingbat after all.  She said it had something to do with updating some software thingamajig, and downloading some camera "driver" thingamabob. Who knows. The upshot? The PHOTOS ARE SAFE AND LIBERATED!  Now she just needs to edit them. She realized that she needed to update that software, too. Alas, no post with those pictures just yet.  

However, I have fun new pics from my afternoon adventure. I got to see Puglet and Dutch! This was the first time since the accident. I am feeling SOOOO much better so we got to hang out and play a little. I wasn't allowed to run. What a bummer because I wanted to chase Puglet and bite his neck rolls. Next time! I got to give Dutch kisses, though, and that made me very happy. Doesn't Dutch glow like an angel?! [SWOON]

Kisses for Dutchie!
And then the humans made us pose.
We were staring at the yummy treat they were tempting us with.

Dutchie decided it was snack time and split the scene.  

Puglet decided it was his turn to eat!

I was uncharacteristically polite! Do I get an extra?!?!
My-Ryan got to meet my friends, but I made sure to sit on Puglet to make sure he knew that's MY-Ryan!

Cuddle time!
I super duper enjoyed myself! Can't wait to run again!



  1. hahaha, we wonder what pug neck rolls tastes like, perhaps cinnamon rolls? not that we know what human cinnamon rolls taste like, *wink,wink*

    yuki and rocket

    1. Mmmm..I'm going to have to try these human cinnamon rolls of which you speak if they are anywhere as delish as pug neck rolls!