Monday, February 6, 2012

Puttin' my foot down (and pics of my insides!)

Hey Everyone in Blogland,
I am trying my best to put some weight on my leg/foot, so that I don't have to go to the extra special special vet--I now have until Wednesday to show more improvement.  I am putting my foot down a little more and more everyday.  This makes mom get very excited (she does a little jig!).

Here's a little video my momma took:
(sorry for the lack of color correction)

Let me introduce you to My-Ryan.  He is my mom's boyfriend and my very special friend.  He has been helping my mom carry me up and down from our 3rd floor walk up apartment.  Thanks, My-Ryan!

whoa, these stairs are a little scary from up here.

Hippo and I have still been in doggy jail during the day, but momma has been letting us sleep in bed with her at night! YAY! 

Wanns see something super duper dope?!? Here are the pictures of my insides: (THESE ARE MY INSIDES! Crazy, right?!)




Until tomorrow,

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  1. How sweet you have another human you can count on !! Keep getting better. We are sending you more jujus.